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Series: Detective Conan/Case Closed (UGH. HORRIBLE DUB NAME.)
Series' Medium: Manga/Anime/Live Action Special

Character you're applying for: Hattori Heiji

Character's age: 17
Character's gender: Male
Character's "Real Name": Harley Hartwell

Please give us a detailed personal history of your character: Fortunately for you guys, Heiji's personal history is VERY, VERY SHORT. XD

Hattori Heiji was born in Neyagawa-shi, Osaka to Hattori Heizou and Hattori (Ikenami) Shizuka—very traditional Japanese people. Heiji inherits his mother's love of kendo and her good humor, and his father's deductive skills. Since his father is the Osaka Prefecture's Chief of Police, Heiji became interested in crime and police work, and eventually honed his skills to the point where he was considered Kudo Shinichi's rival. Because of this, Shinichi (being from the Tokyo area) is called the Great Detective of the East, whereas Heiji was dubbed the Great Detective of the West (Osaka). The two developed a distant rivalry.

This rivalry was only brought to fruition when Heiji comes to a "Holmes Freak" meeting, hoping that Shinichi, being a Holmes geek, will be there. However by this point, Shinichi has already been fed the poison that lands him in a 7-year-old's body, and is hiding out under the name Edogawa Conan. Fortunately, Mouri Kogoro and Ran, the detective and daughter Conan lives with, are invited to the meeting. And of course, a murder occurs.

Conan solves the case, but he has to use his tranquilizer watch on Heiji and use Heiji's voice to reveal the murderer. However, Heiji's Osakan accent is VERY thick, so Conan has some trouble emulating the teen detective's voice. At one point, he even slips up.

Once the criminal is revealed, Heiji wakes up, pretending that he solved the case. However, once he gets Conan alone, he guesses that he's Shinichi. Of course Shinichi denies it, claiming that he's just a child. Heiji threatens to tell Ran, and Shinichi folds under the pressure. He tells Heiji about the Black Organization, the drug, and what it did to him. Since then, the two boys work on cases together, even though technically, they still feel a rivalry towards one another.

Since I'm sure you guys don't want a breakdown of EVERY SINGLE CASE, so I'll leave it here. ^^ The series really has no set plot points, being a murder-mystery show, so the series continues in much the same fashion as mentioned above.

Heiji, much like Shinichi, has a childhood friend named Toyama Kazuha. The two are very close, and bicker back and forth all the time about unimportant things, but they really do care for each other. Kazuha, however, is convinced that Heiji likes someone else, while Heiji is too embarrassed to tell her how he feels. Whenever a romantic moment rolls along, Heiji will find some way to tease Kazuha and make her angry. The ironic thing is, Heiji's first love is a girl he saw in Kyoto, but never actually talked to. In the seventh movie, it's revealed that this mysterious girl was, in fact Kazuha. He's even more embarrassed about his feelings towards Kazuha after this little bit of truth.

Please give us a detailed description of your character's personality: The best way to describe Heiji's personality is to use the things he loves.

First of all, Heiji loves solving cases. He's a very logical person, yet extremely laid back at the same time. He'll take a train from Osaka to Tokyo if Shinichi says he needs help on a case. Highly impractical, but he lives for the excitement. He'll also make jokes about Conan's true identity, which usually earns him a swift kick in the shins from Shinichi. Shinichi's cover as 'Conan' is a very serious matter, but Heiji isn't swayed by it. I think this is because Heiji feels that he and Conan could take on the Black Organization—or he just doesn't think telling the truth would be that big of a deal! In this respect, his outlook towards life is very much "make it up as you go".

However once he starts working on a case, all of his focus stays on whatever puzzle he's trying to work out. He's completely serious and doesn't joke around while he's working. He thinks things through in a very logical fashion—step by step, piece by piece. Not much can pull Heiji out of a case once he's started working on it. He's dedicated to anything he starts.

He also loves Osaka. Which sounds absolutely ridiculous, but it's true. Whenever Conan and Ran come to Osaka for a visit, Heiji always makes them do ridiculous touristy things, but he's always very enthusiastic and excited to show them around. He's very proud of his heritage and the place where he grew up. It fuels him to solve any case that takes place in Osaka, because he feels as though his home has been invaded by crime—which is a feeling he doesn't like. He's even proud of his accent—and yells at a guy in OAV 6 when the suspect calls his accent 'weird'. The fact that Heiji is so proud of his heritage suggests that Heiji is also proud of the person he has become—which isn't always the case with people.

Heiji also loves his family, friends, and (of course) Kazuha. He wants his parents to be proud of him, so he does his best to excel in both kendo, and deductive reasoning. He doesn't seek their approval as much as some other characters would, but it says something about his family life. He respects and cherishes his parents as mentors in martial arts and detective work. He also cares about his friends—namely Shinichi. During one case, Heiji is being held at gunpoint while the criminal orders Conan to come to him, otherwise he'll shoot Heiji. Heiji shouts at Shinichi NOT to come down, because then they'll both be killed. Also, in OAV 2, Heiji insists that he and Kazuha head back to the villa they're staying at and leave Conan and Ran to walk by themselves. Heiji understands that Shinichi would want time to revisit the memories he has of himself and Ran at the villa when they were younger, and gives him the time he wants. This, however, does not cancel out the rivalry he feels towards Shinichi. In another case, Heiji rushes to solve a case before Conan arrives to solve it before he does, which, unfortunately, leads to him missing a kendo match. His feelings of rivalry, plus his quick temper are faults of his—but fortunately he's not the type to hold a grudge. He'll usually forget about an argument in less than ten minutes.

Kazuha, though, is definitely the person which he cares for most. Heiji carries a scar on the back of his hand from a particularly dangerous case. While searching for clues, Kazuha falls off a cliff while wandering through brush. Of course, Heiji jumps after her and catches her hand. The two are left dangling from a branch. Kazuha, realizing that Heiji is going to fall with her if she doesn't get rid of some weight, stabs Heiji's hand with an arrow she's carrying to make him let go. Much to her surprise, however, he doesn't. He keeps hanging on. He's willing to risk his life for his childhood friend (and love *SHOT*), so much so that his body can't even perform a normal reaction (letting go because of the pain). This shows how strong-willed Heiji is, and the extent to which he'll go to ensure that the day is saved with no casualties.

Basically, he's your typical dumb hero-type with an Osakan twist~

Please give us a detailed physical description of your character: Heiji is a very distinct-looking Japanese guy. He has dark brown hair, blue eyes, and tan skin—which many people around him consider an oddity (he inherited it from his grandfather). He's 5'11", and normally wears a baseball cap backwards. Whenever he is working on a case, he turns the hat so it's facing forwards—almost like a switch for his brain. He speaks with a VERY heavy Osaka dialect, something of which he's very proud.

What point in time are you taking your character from when he/she appears at Landel's?: I am taking Heiji from right after the 10th movie (The Detective's Requiem). He'll wake up at Landel's after solving the case, and will be quite surprised to discover the injuries he sustained at the end of the movie mysteriously healed…

What kinds of magical/special/crazy powers does your character have, if any?: Heiji doesn't have any magical/crazy powers per se, but he is the head of his kendo team at school. He's also a brilliant detective, and can speak English fluently.

If present, how do you plan to tweak those powers to make him/her appropriately hindered in the setting of Landel's?: Well… since he's a normal human martial artist, the things in Landel's should (in my opinion) already give him trouble! But let me know if I should change anything!

Does your character have any other non-magical skills or abilities that we should know about?: Can't think of anything I haven't already mentioned! ^^;; He loves Osaka…?

How about improbable appendages?: His hair. (see picture) Because WHO THE HECK DOES THEIR HAIR LIKE THAT?!! /endjoke

Please give us an idea of where you'd like to take your character within the scope of the Landel's Damned RP: Heiji, more than anything would want to know what's going on. He would treat the institution as a case to be worked out. However, once he got wind that there were kids running around with no protection, he'd jump in to play big-kendo-brother. Honestly, he'd do that for anyone that looked as though they were in trouble. He's a really selfless guy!

What kind of psychological effect do you see Landel's Institute having on your character?: Heiji will be calm at first, but he gets frustrated and angry very easily. I can see him start to lose it after a couple of days—considering the fact that he's used to solving cases in under 24 hours. But with his fellow patients, Heiji would be all smiles and fun-loving, because that's what he's normally like! He wouldn't want to burden anyone with his own frustration.

Given that this RP takes place in an unsettling and outright horrific environment, how do you justify your character as being appropriate in both body and mind for this kind of setting?: Because murder seems to follow Heiji and Conan wherever they go, he's used to gore and danger. Not that he particularly likes it, but it's an integral part of his life. After all, his father is Chief of Police—he probably started looking at crime scene photos when he was at least nine. Plus given the right tools, Heiji could take care of himself—he wouldn't be monster fodder. XD

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