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(Written in Japanese—Osaka dialect)

I'm not crazy. That's for sure.

Right now, I'm in some place called "Landel's Institute" in New Jersey. How the hell I got to America when I was just in Tokyo yesterday is anybody's guess, really. At first I thought this place was a hospital, but that gunshot wound from that Reiko woman was gone! I just don't understand it. I was fine when I went to bed at Kudo's place. And the shrimp couldn't have put me on a plane without me knowing. Unless he tranq'ed me several times. And I would DEFINITELY have felt that in the morning.

Anyway, so far I haven't seen Kudo or anyone else I recognize here, so this can't have anything to do with that Ahou-Toxin or whatever the heck it is. I'm just the Great Detective of the West. If they took me, they really ARE as stupid as their drug's name is!

But I can't rule out the possibility that I've been taken by that Black Organization-whatsis to lure Kudo here. In which case, I'll just have to solve the mystery of this place before he can! It'll be simple!

At least, it better be. I have better things to do than sit around and play shrink. My parents must be really, really upset. And what if the police need me? And who's going to look after that idiot Kazuha if I'm stuck in New Jersey? I really hope I didn't have to meet her somewhere… she's going to be SO mad if I stand her up again.

But then again… New Jersey. I mean, come on. Even SHE can't blame me for this one.

...Harley Hartwell…? Are they SERIOUS???


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